USCOTS 2005 - Breakout Sessions


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Breakout sessions on Curriculum

Curriculum Breakout Sessions I:

Curriculum Breakout Sessions II:

Curriculum Breakout Session III:

Breakout sessions on Pedagogy

Pedagogy Breakout Session I:

Pedagogy Breakout Session II:

Pedagogy Breakout Session III:

Breakout sessions on Research

Research Breakout Session I:

Research Breakout Session II:

  • Research in Statistics Education: It's Not a Solo Sport
    Cliff Konold (Scientific Reasoning Research Institute at Univ. of Massachusetts)
    Carl Lee (collaboration with Maria Meletiou)
    Bob delMas (collaborations with Joan Garfield and Beth Chance)
    Marsha Lovett (collaborations with statisticians at Carnegie Mellon)

Research Breakout Session III:

  • Hatch a Little Research
    Joan Garfield, The University of Minnesota
    Beth Chance, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
    Cliff Konold, The University of Massachusetts

Special Panel Discussion during Closing Session of USCOTS

Question and Answer Session with USCOTS Plenary Speakers