USCOTS 2005 - About

Goals of USCOTS

  • Hold a national conference that focuses on undergraduate level statistics education (including AP Statistics), targeting statistics teachers.
  • Share ideas, methods, and research results regarding what teachers want to know about teaching statistics: What should I teach? How do I teach it? Where do I get good resources? And, what research can I rely on to assess whether what I'm doing is effective and appropriate?
  • Facilitate teachers incorporating new ideas, methods, and resources into their existing courses and programs.
  • Promote connections between all teachers of undergraduate level statistics throughout the country.

Special Features of USCOTS

  • Plenary Sessions on Curriculum, Pedagogy, Resources, and Research by National Leaders in Undergraduate and AP Statistics Education.
  • Spotlight Sessions exchanging your ideas on teaching and learning statistics as well as research on the teaching and learning of statistics.
  • Hands-on breakout sessions to incorporate new ideas into your courses
  • Opportunities to meet other statistics teachers and researchers from a wide range of institutions and disciplines
  • A Statistics Teaching and Research Resource Packet to take with you
  • A fun, active atmosphere where everyone can be involved!

USCOTS Program Committee

Deb Rumsey (Chair); Jackie Miller (Co-chair); Richard Alldredge; Bob delMas; Mark Earley; Peter Flanagan-Hyde; Christine Franklin; Joan Garfield; Rob Gould; Bill Harkness; Brad Hartlaub; Sterling Hilton; John Holcomb; Bob Johnson; Carl Lee; Robin Lock; Marsha Lovett; Mary Parker; Dennis Pearl; Jeff Witmer