Using Assessment to Improve Statistics Instruction (the Web ARTIST Project)


Bob delMas (leader), Joan Garfield, Ann Ooms (University of Minnesota), and Beth Chance (Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo)


This interactive session will focus on ways to use materials developed by the the NSF-funded Web ARTIST (Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Reasoning) Project to improve student learning. We will share resources from the ARTIST project and explore with participants ways to use ARTIST online tests results to learn about how well our students can reason about statistics and what can be done to improve their learning.


Robert delMas is an Associate Professor of Statistics and Mathematics in the General College of the University of Minnesota. His primary research interest is in the study of educational experiences that promote conceptual change and development. Dr. delMas is an experienced programmer who has developed several software programs designed to facilitate students' conceptual development in statistics. He is a co-principal investigator with Joan Garfield and Beth Chance on the NSF-funded ARTIST project, serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Statistics Education, is a member of the ASA/AMATYC Joint Committee on Statistics Education, and serves on the Research Advisory Board of CAUSE.

Joan Garfield is Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota where she heads a graduate program in Statistics Education. She is the CAUSE Associate Director for Research, and co-chair of the International Research Forums on Statistical Reasoning, Literacy and Thinking. She is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and an elected member of the International Statistical Institute. She is the editor or co-editor of four books on statistics education and has published numerous articles and book chapters on teaching and learning statistics. She currently co-directs the NSF-funded ARTIST project (Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Reasoning) and co-chairs the ASA-funded GAISE project (Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistical Education).

Ann Ooms is a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Evaluation at the University of Minnesota. She also holds a MA in Learning and Cognition/ Educational Technology from the University of Minnesota. She has combined her interest in teaching, technology, evaluation, and research into one focus: exploring, through evaluation, how the use of technology can improve student learning in both PK-12 and post-secondary educational settings. She is building on relevant research from the areas of psychology, learning and cognition, educational evaluation, and educational technology.

Beth Chance is an Associate Professor of Statistics at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. She is a co-author of the Workshop Statistics series of coursebooks, served as a co-editor of STATS: The Magazine for Students of Statistics, and has given dozens of presentations and workshops on statistics education both nationally and internationally. She is currently serving as co-editor of the proceedings for the Seventh International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS-7).

Beth received her Ph.D. in Operations Research, with an emphasis in Statistics and a minor in Education, from Cornell University. She taught at University of the Pacific before moving to Cal Poly. She serves on the Test Development Committee for Advanced Placement Statistics and as the Secretary/Treasurer of the ASA Section on Statistical Education. She was the inaugural recipient of the ASA's Waller Education Award, and she received the 2003 Mu Sigma Rho Statistical Education Award.


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