USCOTS 2005 - Vendor Receptions

Thursday, from 5:00 to 6:00pm

W.H. Freeman (Ballroom foyer)

Meet the W.H. Freeman authors. Join us on Thursday evening from 5-6 PM in the Ballroom foyer at The Blackwell for cocktails and conversation. Authors in attendance include Patti Collings, William Duckworth, Michael Fligner, Ellen Gundlach, Brad Hartlaub, George McCabe, William Notz, Dennis Pearl, and Elizabeth Stasny.

Prentice Hall (Ballroom patio)

Prentice Hall is honored to join the inaugural United States Conference On Teaching Statistics (USCOTS) in welcoming you to Columbus, Ohio. Please join us on Thursday, 5/19, at 5pm on the Ballroom Patio for some food and refreshments. We invite you, at this time, to meet some of our authors -- Christine Franklin (Statistics: The Art and Science of Data) and Martha Aliaga (Interactive Statistic, 3e). Christine and Martha will also be hosting luncheon discussions on Friday and Saturday. See your program for details.