USCOTS 2005 - Tech Demos

How to turn your statistics class into a hybrid class using StatTutor (202 Pfahl)

Presenter: Patti Collings from Brigham Young University

StatTutor features 84 audio-embedded flash-based statistics tutorials containing video and interactive features following the same organization and content flow as many statistics textbooks. Professor Collings will demonstrate StatTutor, describe her hybrid classroom, and show how you can adapt your statistics class into a hybrid class.

TI-Navigator Hands-On Session (302 Pfahl)

Presenter: Randy Miller from Texas Instruments

You are invited to experience the TI-Navigator classroom learning system which utilizes real-time feedback to instantly assess student understanding with the TI-Navigator System. Designed to work with Texas Instruments graphing calculators already in widespread use, the TI-Navigator System provides wireless communication between students' TI graphing calculators and the teacher's PC. It's a great way to get students to experience a whole new level of interactive learning. For teachers, that means more engaged students. For administrators, the TI-Navigator System enables real-time, formative assessment. A drawing will be held for great prizes including a chance to win a TI-84 Silver Edition Calculator!