eCOTS 2012 - Posters

Virtual Posters

  1. "Why do we teach Statistical Hypothesis Inference Tests?"
    with Paul Hewson, Plymouth University (Engand)
  2. "Using Randomization Tests and IPUMS-USA* to Investigate the Gender Wage Gap"
    with Laura M. Schultz, Rowan University
  3. "On teaching statistical inference: What do p values (not) mean?"
    with Bruce Blaine, St. John Fisher College
  4. "A Two Semester Study: The Effects of an Audience Response System (ARS) on Achievement and Attitudes Towards Statistics in an Introductory Statistics Class"
    with Megan Mocko, University of Florida; Brad Hartlaub, Kenyon College; and Tim Jacobbe, University of Florida
  5. "Validating an Interactive Approach to Teach Large Statistics Classes Based on the GAISE Recommendations"
    with Ramon Gomez, Florida International University
  6. "Be the Statistician: An approach for the modern student"
    with Melissa Sovak, California University of Pennsylvania
  7. "Techniques for Engaging Business Students in the Statistics Classroom"
    with Jane E Oppenlander, Union Graduate College
  8. "An On-line Statistics Course in a Bioethics Curriculum"
    with Jane Oppenlander, Union Graduate College
  9. "Making Statistics Read-ble and Vizi-ble"
    with Rebecca L Pierce and Robin Rufatto, Ball State University
  10. "Making Statistics Make Sense with Web Applets"
    with Jonathan Lee, Western University
  11. "STATS4STEM - Formative Assestments, Data Sets, & Rweb"
    with Eric Simoneau, Boston Latin School
  12. "Engaging Auditory Learners with Statistical Sonifications"
    with Ethan Brown, University of Colorado
  13. "The Challenger Disaster"
    with Dean F. Poeth, Union Graduate College
  14. "Teaching the fundamentals of statistical practice: the three C's"
    with Alison Gibbs, University of Toronto
  15. "A study of the hand-on experiences in the survey of statistics course for the undergraduate students"
    with Wenning Feng, Michigan State University
  16. "Involving Undergraduates in Statistical Consulting"
    with Tisha Hooks, Winona State University
  17. "The Canadian Statistics Educator (CSEN) Experience"
    with Bethany White, University of Western Ontario
  18. "Value and Relevance of an Engineering Statistics Course"
    with Kumer Pial Das, Lamar University
  19. "Big Data Generates Beguiling Coincidences"
    with Milo Schield, Augsburg College
  20. "Introducing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to Graduate Students Instructors"
    with Ulrike Genschel, Iowa State University
  21. "Modeling in Undergraduate Statistics"
    with Michael Granaas, University of South Dakota
  22. "How to Teach Modern Statistics when You Don't Have Modern Technology"
    with Jonathan Oaks, Macomb Community College