eCOTS 2012 - Virtual Poster #8

"An On-line Statistics Course in a Bioethics Curriculum"
with Jane Oppenlander, Union Graduate College

Hosted by: Staci White, The Ohio State University

The field of bioethics deals with the moral and ethical implications of biomedical advances and biological discoveries. Bioethics education prepares students for careers in biomedical research, clinical medicine, and health policy. A statistics course is included as part of a competency-based, interdisciplinary Master of Science degree program at Union Graduate College. The elements of this on-line statistics course are described including course content and class learning activities suitable for an asynchronous delivery format.

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Shonda Kuiper:

Sounds like a great class. Can you list the references of the articles you ask your students to read? Are the articles publically available on the web or you need special premission to use them in your class?

Jane Oppenlander:

Thanks for the comment. I can get you a list of articles used in the class. If you would email me (see the title slide) your email I can send it to you. Do you teach a similar class?