eCOTS 2012 - Virtual Poster #17

"The Canadian Statistics Educator (CSEN) Experience"
with Bethany White, University of Western Ontario

Hosted by: Sam Morris, North Carolina State University

In an attempt to bring statistics educators across Canada (and beyond) together the Canadian Statistics Educator Network (CSEN) was developed in 2010 with the support of an Educational Developers Caucus grant from the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. The CSEN is an online community of practice for interested statistics educators to connect and share experience and resources. A large number of people have registered but there has not been a lot of interaction on the learning management system that CSEN currently calls home. In this virtual poster session I will share my experiences with the CSEN development process and brainstorm possible future improvements that will hopefully promote a stronger sense of community and encourage more collaboration.

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Dennis Pearl:

Perhaps the webinar environment might be a good way to share and build community in Canada (i.e. planned virtual meetings on a regular basis).

Bethany White:

Thanks so much Dennis,

Yes, I think regular webinars would be an excellent way to build the community. Can you recommend a good (and inexpensive) virtual meeting software that I could look into for this?


Dennis Pearl:

Perhaps CAUSE can help you with that since we already pay for a high end service. We just need to avoid scheduling issues

Bethany White:

Wow Dennis,

That would be fantastic! I'm a huge fan of the CAUSEweb webinars (and eCOTS 2012).

I'm on maternity leave now but when I'm back to work I'll definitely be in touch to make arrangements.

Thanks so much,