eCOTS 2012 - Virtual Poster #7

"Techniques for Engaging Business Students in the Statistics Classroom"
with Jane E Oppenlander, Union Graduate College

Hosted by: Staci White, The Ohio State University

A pedagogical approach is presented that emphasizes the importance of competence in statistics for a successful business career. Statistical methods are introduced in a framework that stresses problem formulation, application of appropriate statistical techniques, and interpretation of results in the business context. Classroom activities and assignments are designed to motivate students, connect to concepts from other courses in the business curriculum, and teach professional and managerial skills. The use of statistical software is integral to the course along with an on-line learning system and Internet resources.

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Camille Fairbourn:

Your sample assignments look really interesting. I'm wondering where you go to find interesting data sets. It seems to me that most of the data sets in the Business Stats textbooks are too small and rather contrived to be really interesting. I'm also interested to know how you grade the business writing assignments. Do you have a rubric or something in particular you look for besides the correct statistics?