eCOTS 2012 - Virtual Poster #12

"Engaging Auditory Learners with Statistical Sonifications"
with Ethan Brown, University of Colorado

Sonification, the representation of quantitative data through sound, offers new ways of experiencing and presenting data for exploratory analysis and statistics education. Certain types of data structures can become immediately apparent to a listener that would be difficult to see, and sonification can engage students who are interested in music, learn best through sound, or who are vision-impaired. This potential has not yet been fully realized due to technological and methodological hurdles, but these are diminishing every year. This brief presentation will introduce the potential and challenges of sonifying data as a teaching/presentation tool, give several example sonifications of real and simulated data, and provide resources for learning more. The presenter has made two R packages for sonifying data, playitbyr and csound, and has just started a podcast on economics and statistics that utilizes sonification, Apparent Reason.

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Download supplemental sound files:
Fuel Efficiency via Marimba
Fuzz of Autoregression
Poisson Process Horsie

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Dennis Pearl:

Is there any easy to use software to create sonifications directly from data?