W05: Connecting to the World Through Data and Data Science

Gail Burrill (Michigan State University); Thomas Dick (Oregon State University)


Friday, May 20th 4:00pm-6:00pm ET


Statistics can help describe, explore, and understand our complicated world, but often, the data students see is unconnected to the world in which they live. The workshop focus is on real-world problems, using simulation to predict herd immunity, exploring data related to the quality of life across countries or investigating the gender wage gap. Participants will work together to address questions related to several sets of data, discuss a set of principles underlying the development of the activities and consider how the activities align with a data science framework. They will be asked to share other examples they have used in their own teaching and how these might relate to the framework. The activities, open-ended with multiple ways to develop models, are appropriate for AP and introductory statistics classes, use technology to analyze the data, and highlight important ideas students need to know in their personal and professional lives.