W03: Creating a welcoming (and empowering) experience that develops statistical and data literacy skills for every student

Kristin Flaming (Valdosta State University); Lisa Dierker (Wesleyan University)


Thursday, May 19th 11am-1pm; 1:30-3:30pm; 4:00-6:00pm ET


This workshop will support participants in planning authentic data-driven research curriculum for use across a variety of disciplines, and for engaging students at many different levels, including complete beginners. The session will include brief presentations focused on the nuts and bolts of the passion-driven statistics model (http://passiondrivenstatistics.com ebook: http://bit.ly/PDSe-book) followed by hands-on experience with the steps that allow students to engage in independent research. Each participant’s experience in the workshop will be individualized to her/his own interests, background and needs. Early career instructors and graduate students are especially encouraged to attend. Laptop computers are required. If you are proficient in a specific statistical software platform and have it on your laptop, you are welcome to use it for the hands-on portion. For those interested in starting to learn a code-based software platform, we will support you in using SAS in the cloud (free and requires nothing to be downloaded).