W02: Assessing the Modern Student: Using a Modern Measurement Theory Framework When Choosing a Measure for Classroom or Research Use

Leigh Harrell-Williams, Taylor Mule (The University of Memphis); Stephanie Casey (Eastern Michigan University); Charlotte Bolch (Midwestern University); Douglas Whitaker (Mount Saint Vincent University)


Thursday, May 19th 1:30-3:30pm; 4:00-6:00pm ET


In modern statistics and data science classes, we teach students to be critical about the source of their data. Along the same lines, educators and education researchers need to evaluate and contribute to the existing validity evidence for scores from the tests and instruments that they use to measure student and teacher knowledge and attitudes/beliefs in their classrooms and/or their research. However, the modern measurement theory view around validity evidence is not well incorporated into the statistics and data science education community. This workshop will introduce the modern educator and researcher to best practices in educational measurement and discuss types and sources of validity evidence with examples from statistics and data science education. Participants will gain experience with identifying interpretation and use statements and sources of validity evidence from recently published research articles about statistics and data science education tests and instruments.