Making Statistics Accessible with Interactive Visualizations in JMP

Ross Metusalem (JMP)


A graph, diagram, or simply a rough whiteboard sketch can help students more intuitively understand challenging statistics concepts. Beyond static visual aids, modern software can easily create interactive graphs and simulations, turning a visualization into a dynamic object that students can probe, change, and use to test their understandings in real time. For example, an interactive histogram might allow a student to dynamically include or exclude an outlier to see the effect on mean and standard deviation, or an interactive scatterplot might allow a student to move a point around to see its pull on a regression line.

JMP software includes a range of built-in interactive visualizations and simulations that can help make challenging statistics concepts more accessible for students. This presentation will demonstrate a selection of these tools, as well as provide brief overviews of JMP’s statistical capabilities and of free teaching resources from the JMP Academic Program.