Whole Hog Mastery Teaching and Learning in an Introductory Statistics Classroom

By Kevin M Cummins (California State University, Fullerton)


This poster will address the application of mastery teaching and learning (MTL) in midsize (25-35 students) undergraduate classrooms with mixed majors. The motivation for using MTL is anchored in a growing body of literature developed in various settings. There is evidence of large improvements in student performance with the use of MTL. An outline of how mastery teaching and learning fits well with a course designed to differentiate the paths taken for the training of future analysts from those students who will primarily require statistical literacy skills will be provided. These will be discussed. A major challenge for MTL is ensuring the workload is feasible for the instructor and determining appropriate semester-end grading criteria. No points are issued during the semester for activities or assessments. Recent experiences and student reports indicate shifts in students' locus of control and focus on learning skills rather than collecting points may indicate that more students will be prepared to apply statistics in the workforce and be postured for lifelong learning of quantitative skills. Opportunities for instructors to participate in quantitative evaluation of MTL will be outlined.


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