Building an inter-disciplinary statistics data repository

By Ryne VanKrevelen, Laura Taylor, & Mark Weaver (Elon University)


This poster will describe a project we have undertaken to create a repository of data from disciplines across our campus that can be used by instructors in introductory statistics classes. This project will help students to see the utility of statistics in other disciplines and will provide relevant, real-world examples for instructors to draw on in their classes. The project also supports our university’s strategic plan and upcoming quality enhancement plan around data competency.

In this poster, we will share information about how we collected data from different disciplines across our campus, what types of data we received, how we organized the data to share with faculty in our own department (along with background information and context), and what we have learned throughout the process. This is an ongoing and evolving project, so we will also share ideas about our next steps.

Note: This project was supported by an Elon Innovates grant.


Building an inter-disciplinary statistics data repository.pdf