The Modern Statistics Student is ...Younger

Rob Gould (UCLA)


In 2009 I presented a talk at USCOTS about statistics and the modern student that was inspired by concerns that our curriculum failed to take into account the changing relationship between college students and data. Twelve years later, what has changed? One change seems to be that the modern student is now younger. Interest in developing K-12 students' data literacy, reasoning, fluency, acumen (take your pick) is growing rapidly, and there are various initiatives and projects either in the works or currently in classrooms, such as the Mobilize Introduction to Data Science course that I've been a part of. What should K-12 students be learning, if they are to develop data reasoning skills? What can be ignored? The pre-K-12 GAISE Revision Report offers suggestions, and I plan to provide an opinionated vision about what K-12 data curricula should look like and discuss some of the challenges we face.