Increasing Student Engagement and Motivation with Culturally Responsive Teaching

Tierra Stimson (University of Arizona)


It is important for instructors to consider the need for students to prepare themselves to work and live in an ever-changing diverse and global world by applying culturally responsive teaching. Culturally responsive teaching engages and motivates students as they are able to use their own diverse backgrounds and experiences in the learning process (Conway and Hayes, 2011, Gay, 2018).   Participants will learn what culturally responsive teaching and learning is and explore what it means to create a culturally responsive classroom. They will engage in a collaborative activity-based breakout discussion in which they will produce a tool such as a homework assignment or activity that they can take back with them for student learning. At the end of this session,   participants will be brought back to the main discussion room to share their ideas which will be collected in a shared Google folder for future reflection and use.