We-15: Expanding Opportunities: Facilitating Discussions to Improve Measurement Practices in Statistics Education Research

By Leigh Harrell-Williams (U of Memphis); Corinne Manley (U of Florida); Hartono Tjoe (Penn State), Stephanie Casey (Eastern Michigan University), Christopher Engledowl (New Mexico State); Doug Whitaker (Mt. St. Vincent); Charlotte Bolch (Midwestern)


It has long been recognized that applied measurement in social science research is widely misunderstood and that measurement theory, for all of its advancements, is often not regularly or appropriately incorporated (Flake & Fried, 2020). Relatedly, measurement training is sparse, optional, and de-emphasized in doctoral programs (Aiken et al., 2008;). Our goal is to expand opportunities for statistics education educators, researchers, and instrument developers to improve measurement practices to benefit the entire statistics education community. Participants will: (1) learn about the statistics education synthesis group within the Validity Evidence for Measurement in Mathematics Education project; (2) contribute to a discussion about best practices in measurement in statistics education regarding development, validation, selection, and usage of instruments; and (3) discuss results from a survey to be sent to all 2021 USCOTS attendees concerning their experiences with the contemporary view of validity evidence.



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