We-02: Should we Spend Classroom Time Together? A Comparison of Synchronous and Asynchronous Remote Delivery Modalities in an Introductory Biostatistics Course

By Amanda Rae Ellis & Jennifer Daddysman (University of Kentucky)


Over the last year many academic institutions have had to shift courses traditionally offered in an in-class setting to an online environment. This shift has highlighted the importance of improving instructional methodologies for online courses. One consideration when offering online courses is the choice to offer the course synchronously or asynchronously. As biostatistics is traditionally a graduate discipline, there is limited effectiveness data on these strategies in the undergraduate biostatistics’ classroom. Presented here is the comparative effectiveness of two different instructional delivery methods in an online undergraduate biostatistics course: synchronous versus asynchronous. Students’ attitudes towards the discipline of statistics will be measured and compared using a pre-survey and post-survey. Comparison of change scores will be used as the primary determination in difference of the delivery methods. Retention rates and final project grades will also be compared.


We-02 - Should we Spend Classroom Time Together?.pdf