Tu-07: Holy Deviations! Stories, Superheroes, and Data Science Education

By Charlotte Bolch (Midwestern University); Daniel Maxwell (University of Florida); Justine Andersen, Elli Rhodes (Sequential Artists Workshop)


What do you get when you cross a comic book with a dataset, basic statistics, data science, and open-science tools?  You get a DataStoryTM which is an educational resource for instructors and students at the intro data science level. It is narrative about a data set with the primary objective of educating students about foundational data science concepts in R through an engaging and interactive sequential art learning experience. Initial research was conducted about the DataStory using a small focus group of graduate students at a large research institution using a prototype. The purpose of the study was to explore the design principles of the DataStory with potential participants and gather feedback. A new version of a DataStory was created focused on importing dataframes in R, developing an analysis plan, joining/merging dataframes, and calculating/interpreting correlation coefficients. Participants will interact with this new version of the DataStory demo during the session.



Tu-07 - Holy Deviations! Stories, Superheroes, and Data Science Education.pdf