Th-12: An Alternative to Graded Homework: Online Discussion Boards

By Laura Taylor (Elon University)


This poster highlights a transition away from regularly graded homework assignments in two upper-level statistical programming courses. Instead, Practice Problems were regularly assigned for students to complete outside of class time. To encourage completion of Practice Problems, online discussion boards were utilized where students were required to post a minimum number of questions, responses, or tips for other students each week. Additionally, once solutions were posted, students were required to complete a minimum number of posts in the online discussion boards related to reviewing the solutions. This strategy added flexibility to student completion of homework as well as accountability. This poster will highlight my first-time experiences using the online discussion board (Forums) in my university’s course management system, Moodle, and will discuss the pros and cons to this approach. Spoiler alert: There are more pros than cons!


Th-12 - An Alternative to Graded Homework - Online Discussion Boards.pdf