2C: Connecting with the AP Statistics Course

With Christopher Malone (Winona State), Ellen Breazel (Clemson), Will Kiker (College Board), Ken Koehler (Iowa State), Karen McGaughey (Cal Poly - SLO), Penny Smeltzer (Austin Peace Academy), Doug Tyson (Central York HS)


This session will allow participants to make a connection with the College Board’s AP Statistics course and some of the leaders in the AP Statistics community. Session participants will be asked to create dialog around a set of themes, e.g. in what ways does your course differ from the AP course, how have recent advancements in technology changed how you teach your course, what resources do you commonly use when teaching your face-to-face or online course, and what are the most important takeaways regarding content for students in your introductory course. The feedback provided by session participants will be shared out to our greater communities.

The goals of this session are (1) to create discussion around some core themes for the teaching of statistics, (2) to bring awareness of the many resources available for the teaching of statistics within the AP Statistics community, and (3) to provide an opportunity for dialog between college-level statistics teachers and some of the leaders in the AP Statistics community.

No prior knowledge of the AP Statistics course is required. An internet browser is needed for this virtual session.