2F: Explain Yourself! Developing Student Statistical Communication Skills

With Nicole M. Dalzell (Wake Forest University)


For many students, writing is a challenge, and they are shocked to realize how much writing is needed to communicate the process and results of a statistical analysis. How do you explain your process from beginning to end in a way that is reproducible? How do you describe the considerations involved in interpreting your results, and all in a way that a reader without a statistics background might understand? The need for skills in statistical writing can be a barrier to success for students seeking careers or admission to schools, and teaching these skills throughout our statistics curriculum can help open doors for our students.

In this session, we will explore practical activities we as educators can incorporate into statistics courses to help students develop their statistical communication skills. We’ll explore in person and online activities that involve student interaction and discussion, and avoid extensive grading for us, for a variety of levels of statistics courses. We will also spend time discussing in groups what are key skill in statistical communication, and share ways that we are teaching those skills in our classrooms.