2E: Using Primary and Secondary Sources in Statistics Courses

Randall Pruim & Stacy DeRuiter (Calvin University)


Introducing students to primary and secondary sources in statistics and data science classes reinforces important ideas from the course, helps connect course content to the “real world”, models effective statistical communication, and prepares students for something they are likely to do in the future. Furthermore, sources can be chosen to reflect student interests or important issues.

In this session we will discuss qualities of good sources, how to find them, and some ways to use them in a statistics course (including a first course in statistics). We will also introduce a repository of examples we have been collecting, including primary and secondary sources, associated datasets (when available), and accompanying reading guides and activities. Examples include articles written by a diverse set of authors and some directly investigate systemic racism and diversity in the USA.

We invite others to contribute to this effort by submitting additional resources to the repository.