1E: Designing Introductory Statistics Courses for a 21st Century Demographic

With Frank Savina (University of Texas, Austin), Jennifer Broatch (Arizona State University), & Roxy Peck (California Polytechnic State University)


The evolution and success of mathematics pathways is driving increased demand for more inclusive Statistics pathways. The shift towards pathways that address student lives and career aspirations requires statistics educators to ask deep and fundamental questions – how do we design introductory courses that meet the needs of a 21st century student demographic? What are the fundamental design principles that can guide us in creating inclusive and equitable experiences for marginalized students? Please join us to explore Dana Center’s Curriculum Design Standards and discuss ways in which these standards can be applied to design inclusive and dynamic Introductory Statistics courses. This session includes opportunities to engage in conversations about design and to provide feedback for improvement of the Dana Canter’s Curriculum Design Standards.

Participants will explore a set of curriculum design standards intended to aid in the modernization of pedagogical practices, discuss themes within the design standards, and explore ways in which the design standards can guide the design of introductory statistics courses. The session will begin by introducing Dana Center’s Curriculum Design Standards. Attendees will review the documents in a jigsaw process utilizing breakout groups. This jigsaw process will take 30 minutes. Participants will then return to small groups to discuss what a statistics course based on these standards might look like, and provide feedback for improvement of the standards. Statistics faculty members interested in curriculum design or who are rethinking their teaching practice or the student learning outcomes for their course should attend.