1C: Making Stats Relevant

Dashiell (Dash) Young-Saver (Skew The Script, KIPP Public Schools)


All too often, intro stats is taught as a set of numeric procedures that follow from activities about irrelevant examples: heights and weights, dice, coins, etc. This is particularly ineffective for low-income students of color. Instead, let's use our class time to statistically analyze issues that are actually important to our students (with rigor). Then, let's empower their voices, as they advocate using the data they discover and explore. In this session, Dashiell (Dash) Young-Saver - an AP Stats teacher at KIPP Public Schools - will show how he transformed his class to cover issues his students cared about: policing and race, food deserts, the Spurs’s chance at winning the NBA title, immigration, and much more. He will also discuss how his students turned their learning into advocacy projects beyond the classroom. Participants will get an opportunity in breakout rooms to create their own relevant lesson about a dataset of their choosing - along with a connected project idea for that lesson. The session will close with group discussion and with Dash sharing his full bank of relevant statistics lessons. Session intended for all statistics teachers. No prerequisite knowledge required.