4F: Investigating future secondary mathematics teachers' development in statistics

Elizabeth Arnold (James Madison University), Elijah Meyer & Jennifer Green (Montana State University)


With a focus on the use of real data and conceptual understanding, the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) (National Governors Association, 2010) and the GAISE framework (Franklin et al., 2007) represent a critical shift from using formulaic approaches to using data-oriented approaches to teach modern school-level statistics. However, many teachers have not received the training needed to implement such an approach, creating demands to develop and provide authentic opportunities for pre-service teachers to engage in the statistical problem-solving process and develop their own statistical thinking and literacy skills. In this session, we will discuss recommendations for teaching high school statistics, and share tasks we developed to help prepare future secondary mathematics teachers to teach statistics. We will also explore the teachers’ reflections and changes in their knowledge and self-efficacy to teach statistics, and use this evidence to evaluate the tasks and offer suggestions for preparing future teachers.