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This applet allows users to run experiments such as Ball and Urn, Buffon's Needle, Craps, Monty Hall, and many more. Select an experiment from the drop down menu and click "About" to read its description. Then, set the parameter values. Set the sample size using the "Update" box and the number of samples using the "Stop" box. The single arrow button takes one sample and the double arrow button takes the number of samples selected. Graphs of the theoretical and empirical distributions are shown. Requires JAVA
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Ivo Dinov
Technical Requirements: 
Java-enabled browser
Content Quality Concerns: 
The materials here lack pedagogical framework and detailed instructions. Users will need to spend extensive amounts of time to discover exactly what each does.
Content Quality Strengths: 
The applets here have a lot of potential. They are quick, visual and easy to use. The sheer volume of problems simulated is impressive. The "snapshot" option allows students to record their work or instructors to create materials and handouts for students.
Ease of Use Concerns: 
The instructions for applets are not in an obvious location. They can be found under the "About" button, which is typically used for credits in most commercial software. Some of the applets use sliders that are difficult to manipulate. For example, in the "Beta Coin Experiment" it is difficult to choose a probability of success of 0.32 with the slider.
Ease of Use Strengths: 
The applets have a consistent feel and controls that are the very similar across the entire collection. The applets use buttons for "play", "stop", etc. that should be familiar to most people who have used a DVD or MP3 player.
Potential Effectiveness Concerns: 
The preparation and explanation needed for the instructor to put these applets into the classroom is very heavy. Instructors will need to provide extensive guidance along with specific tasks for the students to accomplish with these applets. The time needed to prepare these materials may outweigh the advantage of using them.
Potential Effectiveness Strengths: 
The main teaching advantage of this site is the variety of problems available. An instructor can use the site for many problems throughout the course and students need only learn one format.
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Source Code Available
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Learner, Teacher
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Free for All

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