Analysis Tool: RStudio Cloud

RStudio Cloud makes it easy for professionals, hobbyists, trainers, teachers and students to do, share, teach and learn data science using R.  Create analyses using RStudio directly from your browser - there is no software to install and nothing to configure on your computer.  Share your projects - and access those of others - without worrying about data transfer or package installation. Each project defines its own environment, and RStudio Cloud automatically reproduces that environment whenever anyone accesses the project.  It’s easy to share analyses with the world - but it’s also simple to collaborate with a select group in a private space. You control who can enter a space - and via roles, you have fine grained control over what each user can do.  There are also many learning materials available: interactive tutorials covering the basics of data science, cheatsheets for working with popular R packages, links to Datacamp courses, and a guide to using RStudio Cloud.

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