eCOTS 2014 - Virtual Poster #6

"Implementing the Common Core's Promise of Bringing Statistical Curricula into Line with Recommendations of NCTM, MAA, & GAISE"
Beverly L. Wood & Carl Clark, Indian River State College


We plan to make a case for the necessity of GAISE-aligned college courses in order to prepare future teachers to teach in Common Core K-12 classrooms. Beginning with an overview of the parallel evolutions of Cobb/MAA suggestions - GAISE recommendations for teaching and NCTM process standards - Common Core mathematical practices, we will emphasize that we should be modeling what researchers continually conclude are best practices for teaching/learning across the K-16 continuum. We will provide some examples to illustrate classroom tasks that satisfy both GAISE and Common Core and hope to generate some discussion of other activities already used by conference attendees that meet the same criteria.



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Carl Clark:

Howdy,I'm Carl. Bev is on an airplane...
Thanks for coming!

Nicholas Horton:

This poster provides a nice overview of the history of standards in mathematical education, as well as current trends. There are clear implications for university-level education. @askdrstats

Carl Clark:

Yes, we must bend to the current needs of society or we face going the way of the slide rule, and those who still use it...