eCOTS 2014 - Virtual Poster #22

"Flipping the Statistics Classroom - Enhancing Course Redesign with the Flipped Classroom"
Melissa M. Sovak, California University of Pennsylvania


California University of Pennsylvania has combined course redesign and the flipped classroom approaches to create a new method of approaching instruction in high-demand, introductory level courses. After successful implementation with other courses, Cal U has turned its attention to flipping their introductory level statistics course. As part of this course redesign, the speaker has completely restructured the statistics course, using videos, activities, in-class work and various other techniques to ensure a successful redesign. This presentation will focus on the elements used in this course to create a successful course redesign, including examples of each technique used. The presenter will discuss elements identified as successful, unsuccessful and the changes made from Fall semester implementation to Spring semester implementation.



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