eCOTS 2014 - Virtual Poster #17

"Flipping the Classroom: Challenges and Opportunities from the Students' Perspective"
Karen Benway, University of Vermont


Recently, the "flipped classroom" has received high exposure through articles in popular publications including the New York Times and Science. In the flipped classroom model, the first exposure to new material is through reading and video lectures completed outside of the classroom. Class time is then available to help students through the more challenging process of assimilating and applying their new knowledge through activities and problem solving.

Increasingly, traditional face-to-face courses are competing for students with online courses and MOOCS. In this competitive environment, the flipped classroom may offer a cooperative, interactive, engaging learning experience that cannot be mimicked by an online course. Motivated by the desire to offer students a different and better learning experience in face-to-face courses, my department at UVM decided to pilot a flipped section of our popular Elementary Statistics course.

In addition to my two traditional, lecture-style sections, I volunteered to teach the pilot flipped section of Elementary Statistics during the spring 2014 semester. This poster will examine students perceptions of the flipped classroom model and highlight some of the challenges and opportunities of using a flipped classroom model in an introductory statistics course.



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Nicholas Horton:

Karen's poster provides a great overview of how we can and should partially or completing flip the intro stats class. While there are many challenges and barriers, there is a potential for far greater understanding along with a more meaningful experience for students. If we're serious about moving towards "big data" and bigger questions, this is an approach that needs further exploration. @askdrstats