eCOTS 2014 - Virtual Poster #12

"Developing a Profession Specific Statistics Course for Nurses"
Jane Oppenlander, Union Graduate College


Recent changes in the nursing profession emphasize "evidence-based practice," where quality patient care is guided by the synthesis of critical evaluation of clinical research, patient preferences, and nursing expertise. In the current healthcare environment, there is a greater emphasis for nurses to be both consumers and initiators of healthcare research. The development of a graduate-level course, "Statistics for Evidence-based Practice," is described, including objectives, curriculum, classroom activities, data sources, and learning assessments. To meet the needs of practicing nurses, topics not traditionally taught in an introductory statistics class are covered and some traditional topics are de-emphasized. Lessons learned from the development and deployment of this introductory statistics course are discussed.



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Dennis Pearl:

Thanks for an interesting presentation Jane - the nursing audience is certainly one with a specialized need - and it sounds like you've created a great course for them. In the intro you mentioned the poor attitudes of the working nurses as measured by SATS. Did you use SATS to assess whether your course helped in that regard?

Jane Oppenlander:

We did not use SATS, but I think I will do so next time. This was a great course, I really enjoyed the students and now have a much better appreciation for the nursing profession.