USCOTS 2011 - Exhibitor Demonstrations

W.H. Freeman
Laura Capuano presents "StatsPortal: Try What's New!"

Friday, 9:30 to 10:00 a.m. Cameron computer lab

An opportunity for a hands-on test drive of new features in W. H. Freeman's StatsPortal online homework program, from lecture and documentary videos to CrunchIT! 3.0 and the Learning Curve. Come see how these new resources can support your course learning objectives!


Dan Linville presents "WebAssign: Online Homework and Assessment Your Way"

Friday, 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. Cameron computer lab

This session will include an overview of WebAssign, the premier independent online homework and assessment system since 1997. With WebAssign, you can manage classes of any size, using our time-tested functionality to securely and reliably manage your homework, assessment and communication needs. With WebAssign, you can easily access and assign algorithmically-generated questions from all major textbooks, or write your own questions to support your unique needs. With our robust faculty tools, you can decide how your online assignments will behave-fully controlling when and how students receive hints and feedback; setting conditions as to when assignments become available; creating practice assignments; managing group assignments; administering secure online quizzes and tests; even uploading your own resources and tools for students to access as needed. And with our advanced gradebook you can easily manage extensions; weight scores based on conditions; and view whole class and individual student statistics. WebAssign Novices and WebAssign Experts (and all those in-between) will find something new and exciting in this workshop. Over 5 Million students have successfully used WebAssign. Find out why.


SAS Institute, JMP Division
Mia Stephens presents "Interactive Graphics Let You Sizzle"

Friday, 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. Smith computer lab

Drag and drop, see and learn. Interacting with data and graphical displays helps students connect statistical concepts and understand what the numbers are telling them. In this hands-on session we'll demonstrate JMP® tools for data visualization including the Graph Builder®, Bubble Plots, the data filter, and new geographic mapping tools.


Pearson Higher Education
Webster West presents "New Advances in StatCrunch Software"

Friday, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Mendenhall Room

A brief overview of all StatCrunch features will be provided. Particular attention will be paid to recent enhancements to the software package including the addition of interactive applets and increased simulation capabilities. The discussion will be centered on how these advancements can impact the teaching of introductory statistics.


W.H. Freeman
Roland Cheney presents "Statistics Technology: Online, Hybrid, and Face-to-Face"

Friday, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Reynolds Room

W. H. Freeman offers a variety of media and technology resources for Statistics, including the popular StatsPortal online homework system with the new Learning Curve formative assessment, CrunchIT! version 3.0, and the Statistics Video Tool Kit. Come learn about Freeman's popular and effective media that encourages active learning.