Chance Teaching Aids

This is a site that contains a number of types of material that can be used in teaching about chance and probability. Lesson plans, syllabi, suggested activities, and data sets are available. The data sets contain interesting information for students such as: quarterback passing rating data, baseball streaks, and baseball salaries that can be used to illustrate means, medians, etc.. The site also contains a link to the Chance News (which is now a wiki on CAUSEweb).

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J. Laurie Snell
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For the video/audio: IE not recommended for PCs, Firefox not recommended for Macs, RealPlayer plugin
Content Quality Concerns: 
Could be better organized to help novice statistics teachers know where to begin to use the materials in their classes. This is more of a site for instructors than for students.
Content Quality Strengths: 
A wealth of information on statistics and statistics education that can be used by the veteran or novice statistics teachers to "help students develop quantitative literacy". This is an excellent collection of resources. Helpful for instructors wanting to enhance their traditional courses or interested in teaching an entire Chance course. This material uses many of the GAISE guidelines for modern statistics education.
Ease of Use Concerns: 
For the novice the amount of material may be overwhelming. A "beginners guide" would be useful. Also, it's a little confusing that the Wiki site has the more recent materials and this website has more dated material. Both are good resources though. It would be nice if the videos were in a more standard format. The website looks a little dated. The Wiki is much more modern.
Ease of Use Strengths: 
This module is designed to be a resource for instructors to update their statistics and probability lectures and activities with current event topics. Since examples of assignments and whole courses are provided, it is very simple for instructors to implement these ideas in their own classrooms. The site provides easy-to-follow links and is searchable.
Potential Effectiveness Concerns: 
It may be difficult for a teacher to effectively integrate the material into a tightly woven course, and the website is probably more directly useful to instructors than to introductory-level students.
Potential Effectiveness Strengths: 
Using resources such as these will encourage students to see real-world uses of statistics and to think critically about how they are used. Instructors can see models of other courses and applications of these resources and view presentations by experts in the field. Submerging the students with statistics that occur in everyday life, students should emerge statistically literate -- developing a way to think, and interpret data, graphs and question statistical conclusions of others.
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Free for Nonprofits

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