Webinar: Putting Your Spotlight on CAUSEweb

Submitting your spotlight presentation from USCOTS 2005 to CAUSEweb is an easy process, and you are in a prime position to submit your work! What better way to have your work showcased than in a peer-reviewed repository of contributions to statistics education? This Webinar will be an opportunity to talk about how to prepare your USCOTS spotlight for submission to CAUSEweb and to discuss the benefits of submission. Please join us to discuss how to put the spotlight on CAUSEweb.
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CAUSE Webinar
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Jackie Miller
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internet access, sound
Viewers can also download the PowerPoint slides,This was the first webinar in the webinar series sponsored by CAUSE. Its purpose was to encourage people who participated in USCOTS 2005 to submit their poster presentations to CAUSEweb.
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Source Code Available
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Learner, Teacher
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Free for Nonprofits
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