Statistical Methods in Biomedical Imaging

These lecture notes are composed of nearly 180 PowerPoint slides that have been coverted to a pdf file (6 per page) on Biomedical Imaging. The following topics are outlined: Vocabulary, Displaying Data, Central Tendency and Variability, Normal Z-scores, Standardized Distribution, Probability, Samples & Sampling Error, Type I and Type II Errors, Power of a Test, Hypothesis Testing, One Sample Tests, Two Independent Sample Tests, Two Dependent Sample Tests & Estimation, Correlation and Regression Techniques, Non-Parametric Statistical Tests, Applications of Central Limit Theorem, Law of Large Numbers, Design of Studies and Experiments, Fisher's F-Test, Analysis Of Variance(ANOVA), Principle Component Analysis (PCA), Chi-Square Goodness-of-fit test, Multiple Linear Regression, General Linear Model, Bootstrapping and Resampling.
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