W03: Engaging Statistics Teachers through Connections to the Teaching of School Statistics and Educational Equity Issues

Stephanie Casey, Andrew Ross, & Melody Wilson (Eastern Michigan University)


Pre-service teachers often feel the university-level statistics courses they have to take are disconnected from both the statistics content they will have to teach and the work of teaching. Data examined in these courses is also often disconnected from the realities of the United States’ K-12 school system, where inequity is a fact of life that teachers and students can work together to uncover and change. In this workshop, we will share new statistics teacher education curriculum materials from the MODULE(S^2) project which engage middle and high school teachers through their purposeful connection to the statistics content they will teach, inclusion of school teaching artifacts like classroom video and student work, lessons that develop their knowledge of the ways in which students learn statistics, and statistical activities that develop their understanding of equity issues pertinent to education.