W02: Teaching introductory statistics and data science

Ulrike Genschel (Iowa State University); Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel (University of Edinburgh, Duke University, RStudio)


The goal of this two-part workshop is to equip educators with concrete information on learning goals, content, workflows, and infrastructure for designing and running modern introductory statistics and introductory data science courses. We will review guidelines for learning outcomes for these courses and give examples from that participants can borrow and implement in their teaching. This workshop is aimed primarily at participants teaching introductory statistics and data science in an academic setting in semester-long courses, however much of the information and tooling we introduce is applicable for shorter teaching experiences like workshops and bootcamps as well. This workshop is presented as part of the Preparing to Teach workshop that is running alongside eCOTS, but it’s open to all eCOTS participants. Visit preparingtoteach.org for more information.