Teaching Statistics: Intuitive, Visual and Fun with JMP

Ruth Hummel (Academic Ambassador, JMP)


The mystery, the curiosity, the exploration, and the discovery of meaning in data should be fascinating, but many students are left thinking of this field as "Sadistics!" Let’s change that, right now!, using software with a focus on data visualization and exploration.

In this session we will explore some of the visual and interactive features that make teaching and learning in JMP engaging. We will also share free and low-cost options to get access to JMP for the classroom.

About Ruth:

Dr. Ruth Hummel is an Academic Ambassador with JMP (a division of SAS), supporting the technical needs of professors and instructors who use JMP for teaching and research. Dr. Hummel is a coauthor of Business Statistics and Analytics in Practice, 9th edition, and has been teaching and consulting about statistics and analytics for over a decade, at the University of Florida, at the US Environmental Protection Agency, and now at SAS/JMP. She has a Ph.D in Statistics from The Pennsylvania State University.

Sponsored by JMP Academic Programs