P3-03: Personalized Assessment Reports to Inform and Motivate Students within Introductory Statistics Courses using R and Akindi

By Immanuel Williams (California Polytechnic State University)


Automatic grading software is drastically changing how we structure exams; instead of relying on automatic graders to spit out a percentage or letter grade, we can use the process and data science behind it to give students a deeper understanding of what they are accomplishing in class. After each exam, students in my courses receive personalized reports of their performance, including previous homework assignments. These reports communicate the percentage of mastery of expected learning outcomes as well as a graphic representation of their growth throughout the class. The purpose of these reports is to give students in-depth information about their strengths and weaknesses in order to encourage efficient studying habits. In this presentation, I will show how I use AKINDI grading software along with my R package, assessoR, to couple assessment questions with concepts, store student responses, analyze these responses, and produce student reports. Providing examples of the student reports, I will discuss the benefits of sharing this information with students, both for students and instructors.