P2-09: Cognitive Retention and how it affects learning (Statistics)

By Joshua Daniel (Grand Valley State University)


Since the dawn of time, people had to learn, change, and grow. How did we evolve over the thousands of years and develop such a complicated yet fascinating brain? This idea has always intrigued me. So I started to study: how to learn quicker, easier, and hold the information for longer. As all of us in the teaching profession know and understand the importance of teaching methods; yet some might overlook the natural ways that the brain absorbs information. My studies of this subject have led me to amazing organizations like MEMORIAD which includes World Olympics for memory, speed reading, and mental calculations. What better way to learn how to learn then from the pros their self. I will be demonstrating not only some ways that the brain rather learn information, but also how it connects to statistics, or any other topic one might want to learn.