eCOTS 2012 - Breakout Session #6

"What Online Students Wish You Knew"
with Camille Fairbourn, Utah State University


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Using research in instructional design for online teaching and learning, together with feedback from actual online statistics students, this session will address why students request and take online classes, what they need to be successful, and what things instructors can provide to make the experience a positive one. Participants in this session will learn about and discuss high-priority components for a functioning online course such as clear organization and professor-student interaction. We'll also talk about elements of design that take a course from functioning to excellent. I'll provide examples and links to resources and tools that make all of this manageable. This session will be a good starting place for those instructors ready to begin teaching online and give more experienced online instructors suggestions for taking their courses to the next level.


Camille Fairbourn
Camille Fairbourn