eCOTS 2012 - Breakout Session #14

"Designing and Using an Online Course to Support Teaching Introductory Statistics: Experiences and Assessments"
with Oded Meyer, Candace Thille, and Marsha Lovett, Carnegie Mellon University


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As part of the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) project, Carnegie Mellon University was funded to develop a web-based introductory statistics course, openly and freely available to individual learners online and designed so that students can learn effectively without an instructor. In practice, this course is often used by instructors in "blended" mode, to support and complement face-to-face classroom instruction.

After discussing the course design in terms of content and structure, the presentation will focus on giving the participants a feel for both the student's and instructor's experiences.

We'll first demonstrate how the students interact with the course and how the different activities were designed provide pedagogical scaffolding as the students acquire new knowledge. We will then discuss ways in which instructors have used the online course to support their teaching and demonstrate the "Instructor's Learning Dashboard", a tool which continuously provides detailed feedback to the instructor about the students progress, and performance on the different course learning objectives.

We'll conclude the presentation by describing the design and results of studies in which we assessed the online couses' effectiveness in the hybrid instructional model.


Oded Meyer
Oded Meyer

Candace Thille
Candace Thille

Marsha Lovett
Marsha Lovett