Methods for Introducing the Future Public Health Workforce to Data Analysis

Wednesday, November 2nd, 20224:00 pm – 5:00 pm ET

Presented by: Dr. Amanda Ellis, Department of Biostatistics at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health


The challenges of teaching introductory data analysis in an online environment are well known. These challenges can increase when the primary audience for the course are students pursuing non-quantitative degrees. In this talk, we will discuss the development of a fully online synchronous course designed for such a student audience, specifically Master of Public Health (MPH) students. Both problem-based learning and experiential learning theory methodologies informed course design. Students in the class worked individually and as team scientists to complete a data analysis project. They were exposed to data analysis elements from project initiation to dissemination while simultaneously learning methodologic concepts. Although the course was designed for MPH students, an instructor could modify the course for any cohort of students in an introductory statistics course where the focus is application and communication. Both course development and design will be discussed, and evaluations from both students and the instructor will be provided.