Building a Multiple Linear Regression Model With LEGO Brick Data

Tuesday, April 19th, 20224:00 pm – 4:30 pm ET

Presented by: Anna Peterson and Laura Ziegler, Iowa State University


This month, we highlight the Datasets and Stories article, Building a Multiple Linear Regression Model with LEGO Brick Data,  in our Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education webinar series. In the webinar, they present an innovative activity that uses data about LEGO sets to help students self-discover multiple linear regressions. During the activity, instructors guide students to predict the price of a LEGO set posted on (Amazon price) using LEGO characteristics such as the number of pieces, the theme (i.e., product line), and the general size of the pieces. By starting with graphical displays and simple linear regression, students are able to develop additive multiple linear regression models as well as interaction models to accomplish the task. They conclude with reflections of past classroom experiences.