Rewards Program

Welcome to the CAUSE Rewards program!

The rewards program is intended to be a fun way to get statistics educators more involved in supporting the mission of CAUSE to provide useful resources and professional development opportunities to statistics educators and statistics education researchers. We want to provide an incentive for actively participating in the statistics education community by doing things like adding your name to the Stat Ed Map; or providing a rating or sharing your experiences with a resource on CAUSEweb; or taking part in a webinar or workshop. Join Today and see what level you can get to! Levels are determined by the number of points you've earned. Receive points for every comment, rating, submission, and contest entry, or suggest a resource on CAUSEweb. Unlock benefits along the way.

  • Level 1 = 1-50 points
  • Level 2 = 51-100 points
  • Level 3 = 101-199 points
  • Level 4 = 200-499 points
  • Level 5 = 500+ points

Current activities for which points are awarded:

Keeping track of your points and claiming rewards is easy! But to avoid shipping costs, physical rewards must be picked up at USCOTS or JSM; digital rewards will be sent to your e-mail address. Claims will be reviewed to determine eligibility; rewards must be claimed within 1 week of acceptance.