Penetration Of Statistics Education By Interactive Materials With Computer Network

Proceedings of the sixth international conference on teaching statistics, Developing a statistically literate society
Sakurai, N., Watanabe, M., Suenaga, K., Yadohisa, H., Takeuchi, A., Yamaguchi, K, & Asano, C.
Phillips, B.
International Statistical Institute

This paper introduces an outline of the integrated web site produced from our faculties' project offering such services as statistics education, electronic books, and statistical libraries for computer use with a search engine for statistics, which we are currently developing. Statistics is a basic and cross-disciplinary study that should be applied to positive analysis in a wide variety of fields. Both the theoretical side and the practical use as a data analysis tool have to be its primary role. Moreover developing statistical analysis software has been the mainstream of disseminating statistics to the various departments. Computers and its network have become quite popular, still use of data processing software such as spreadsheets is expanding among people in the society. In this circumstance, strong demand for basic statistics education is absolutely increasing. In addition as the Internet is supposed to grow as a large-scale communication media, now and in the future, beyond time and space, to increase information about statistical science and education on the Internet promotes the efficient dissemination of statistics.

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