The need of statistics education journals in Spanish-speaking countries: The case of 'Hipotesis Altenativa' (Alternative Hypothesis).

Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference On Teaching Statistics (ICOTS-7), Salvador, Brazil.
Salcedo, A.
Rossman, A., & Chance, B.
Voorburg, The Netherlands: International Statistical Institute.

Statistics Education (SE) is a relatively new field of knowledge production that has rapidly evolved during the last decade. An indication of this development is the large amount of information available in the proceedings of professional meetings such as ICOTS. However, it is also a fact that only a small part of Statistics Education activities are disseminated in the Spanish language. This reduces the possibilities for Spanish speaking professors and researchers to be informed about results and advances in the field. Hipotesis Alternativa (HA), or Alternative Hypothesis, an electronic bulletin established in 2000, has been created to try to fulfill that need. The bulletin has been of great help for statistics educators in Spanish-Speaking countries. This paper presents an overview of HA accomplishments and some ideas as to the changes that could be made to improve this bulletin.

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